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WordPress Training in Jaipur- Webdealsoft Technologies

WordPress is a free open source and most powrful tool worldwide. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), which is used to build a website in short time period. Webdealsoft Technologies provides wordpress training in Jaipur, India. Our professionals have 5+ years experience with having vast and strong working knowledge of WordPress.


WordPress Training Course Modules

Course Description

Set up a domain and hosting account

Set up a MySQL database on their server

Install WordPress on the MySQL database

Plan their website by choosing color schemes, fonts, layouts, and more

Search for themes in WordPress

Select, install, and activate a theme

Add posts to their website

Create website pages

Add images, photo galleries, and more

Create tags for SEO and categories to organize their posts

Use WordPress as a content management system (CMS)

Use widgets and plugins

Create an ecommerce site

Integrate WordPress with social media

Customize a WordPress site using PHP, CSS, and HTML

Course Topics Lesson 1: Introduction to WordPress

A brief history

More about WordPress

WordPress Blogs vs. Websites

A brief introduction to WordPress themes

Getting started with WordPress

Lesson 2: Finding a Home for your WordPress Site

Finding a domain

Registering a domain

Choosing a web hosting package

WordPress feature through your host

Lesson 3: Installing WordPress on Your Site

How to install WordPress

The MySQL database

Uploading your files

The install script

About WordPress Release Cycles

Upgrading WordPress

Lesson 4: Content Management using WordPress

Archiving content

The purpose of categories

Naming a category

Creating a new category

About static page parents and children


Dressing up links

Customizing links

Checking Links with Your Server

Syndicated content (RSS)

About Feed Readers

RSS options

RSS and Social Media

Lesson 5: Selecting the Right Tools

Picking a text editor

Picking a web browser

About cross-browser compatibility

An introduction to FTP

Setting up for FTP

Using an FTP client

Transferring files

Editing files (FTP)

File Permissions

Lesson 6: Image Formats

Image types and formats

Comparing image formats

About graphic design software programs

Raster based software

Vector based software

Image optimization

Image libraries

Lesson 7: Fonts and Colors

About Color

The color wheel

The color models

Color schemes

Color combinations

Creating colors using codes

About fonts

Web safe fonts

Fonts for graphic design

Installing fonts on a computer

Lesson 8: Designing Your WordPress Site

Choosing a site width

Fixed widths

Fluid widths

Responsive Layouts



Content display options

The Sandbox environment

Lesson 9: The WordPress Default Layout

About the layout and structure

Customizing the header image

Choosing a header image

Creating your own header image

Custom navigation

About widgets

Using widgets

Adding widgets to a sidebar or footer

The text widget

The RSS widget

Lesson 10: Themes and Templates

About WordPress themes


Defining PHP

The template tag

Using PHP

Managing your database

Template files

How templates work with WordPress themes


About the Main Index and The Loop

The different templates

Template tags, values, and parameters

Using template tags in blog posts

Connecting templates

Using more than one stylesheet

Lesson 11: More on Widgets and Template Tags

Common template tags


List pages

Post archives


Content types

More template tags

Adding widget areas

Registering widget ideas

Adding widget areas to template files

Using template files

Named templates

Template parts

Page templates

Adding support

Lesson 12: Parent and Child Themes

Understanding parent and child themes

Creating a child theme

Loading a parent theme style

Customizing the parent theme style

Using images in child theme designs

Edit theme structure with child themes

Overriding parent template files

Adding new template files

Removing template files

Modifying theme functions file

Preparing a parent theme

Lesson 13: Creating a Custom Site

Getting acquainted with CSS

CSS Selectors

Classes and IDs

CSS properties and values

Changing background mage or colors

Adding a custom background

Changing the background with CSS

Positioning your header image using CSS

Repeating or scrolling background images

Changing theme elements

Adding effects

Setting font, color, and size

An introduction to basic HTML

Inserting images

Inserting links

Inserting lists

Lesson 14: Using WordPress as a Content Management System

Creating the front page

Creating a static page

Using a static page as your front page

Making a blog look like a website

Creating blank blog pages

Assigning the new page as a blog page

Creating custom page templates

The default page template

Comparing templates

Using different sidebarand footer templates

Custom styles for sticky, category, and tag posts

Lesson 15: Using WordPress Plugins

Installing plugins using the dashboard

Finding plugins

Installing and activating plugins

Installing plugins manually

Ecommerce plugins

Photo galleries and portfolios

Inserting images onto pages or into posts

Creating web forms using plugins

About BuddyPress

Integrating plugins with social networks


Time Duration- 40 Days (3-4 hours per day)